Aakash ANTHE 2023 Application form, Exam Dates, Syllabus for Junior & Senior Category

Aakash Institute is a prominent name that provides students with excellent and interactive coaching for entrance exams such as NEET and JEE. It has coaching centres all around the country. Every year, when the JEE and NEET results are revealed, the names of Aakashians must be included.

In 1998, Aakash opened its first coaching centre with the goal of preparing students to take on the challenge of the JEE and NEET exams. The institute has been providing instruction to students from all around India since then. Aakash’s journey, which began in 1998 with a single centre, has grown in size. Currently, the institute has 198 coaching centres across India.

Prior to Aakash, JEE and NEET (at the time, CPMT) coaching was only available to pupils from well-off households. It is now inexpensive and popular among middle-class families because to Aakash. Those parents who did not want to send their children to another city to prepare for this difficult exam can now receive the same level of education in their own cities.

Aakash has made coaching programmes for medical and engineering entrance exams popular and accessible. The institute announces the Aakash Anthe Program, a well-known name among students.

Aakash Anthe 2023 is a nationwide talent search initiative. The institute encourages brilliant students who desire to be admitted to the institute to submit online application forms. These students’ primary goal should be to pass the medical and engineering exams. The institute holds a competitive exam depending on the applications submitted. Those who pass the Aakash Anthe exam are eligible for free Aakash Institute instruction.

Every year, the Aakash Institute hosts a national test. This is a scholarship exam that allows you to receive free education or coaching at any Aakash centre. This talent hunt exam is for kids who come from a low-income family and want to receive coaching from the Aakash Institute’s experienced teachers. The purpose of this talent hunt exam is to provide free tutoring to students who pass the exam with flying colours. Continue reading to get more about the Aakash Anthe Exam 2023.

Akash ANTHE 2023 is a fantastic chance for kids who want to excel in Medical and Engineering Entrance Exams like NEET, JEE (Main & Advanced), School/Board Exams, and Other Competitive Scholarship Exams like KVPY, NTSE, and Olympiads.

Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Delhi, Goa, Gujarat, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Odisha, Punjab, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and West Bengal are the proposed locations for the Akash ANTHE 2023 Pen and Paper Based (Offline) Test.

Exam Details of Aakash ANTHE 2023

Eligibility of Aakash ANTHE 2023 Class VII, VIII, IX, X, XI & XII Studying Students
Examination Fee of Aakash ANTHE 2023 Rs 200/- (Including GST)
Exam Mode of Aakash ANTHE 2023 Online and Offline
Exam Date of Aakash ANTHE 2023 Online: th Dec, 2023 to th Dec, 2023 (Daily) Offline: Dec, 2023
Exam Time (OFFLINE) of Aakash ANTHE 2023 Morning : 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM Evening : 04:00 PM to 05:00 PM
EXAM TIMING (Daily:Online @ Home) of Aakash ANTHE 2023 Exam Login Window : 12:00 PM to 8:30 PM
Exam Duration of Aakash ANTHE 2023 60 Minutes

Benefits of Aakash ANTHE 2023

• Up to a 100% scholarship is available.

• A thorough examination analysis.

• Assesses your preparation and performance based on your All India Rank

• Financial incentives

• School Booster Course for Meritnation

Name Of ExamAakash Anthe
Aakash ANTHE 2023 Exam Organised byAakash Institute
Frequency of Aakash ANTHE 2023 ExamOnce in a year
Aim of Aakash ANTHE 2023 To Offer a few medical and engineering entrance test coaching to aspirants
Aakash ANTHE 2023 eligible Classes7th to 12th
Mode to apply for Aakash ANTHE 2023 Online
Exam Mode of Aakash ANTHE 2023 Online and Offline
Stream of Aakash ANTHE 2023 Engineering, Medical or Foundation
Website of Aakash ANTHE 2023 https://www.aakash.ac.in

Important Dates of Aakash Anthe Registration 2023

The Anthe test is held once a year by the Aakash institute, as previously indicated. In both online and offline means, students can apply to take the entrance exam. Here is a list of crucial dates for the Anthe Exam 2023:

Important Dates of  Aakash ANTHE 2023 Events of Aakash ANTHE 2023
Online Aakash Anthe 2023 Exam will be conducted onNovember 2023
Offline Aakash Anthe Exam 2023 will be conducted onDecember 2023
Timing for online examAny Time
Timing for Offline exam10:30 AM to 11:30 AM
04:00 PM to 05:00 PM

Registration Process of Aakash Anthe 2023

Aakash Anthe 2023 registration is available both online and offline. We’ve outlined the registration process in detail here. Follow the steps outlined below to apply for the admission exam and receive a full scholarship as well as a few other financial benefits.

The latest dates to apply to participate in the Aakash Anthe exam have already been listed in the table above, so make sure you apply on or before those dates. The following are the measures to take in order to take the exam:

Aakash Anthe 2023 Online Registration

1. Applicants must go to the Aakash Anthe official website to apply for online registration.

2. On the website’s home page, look for the Aakash Anthe Talent Hunt Exam 2023 banner and click on it.

3. A new page will open after you click on the banner.

4. To receive an OTP, you must input your phone/mobile number on this page. To log in to the page, verify the OTP.

5. Now you must fill out the essential information for the new page that has arrived on the screen.

6. Pay the application cost and submit the form. The application cost for a full scholarship to Aakash Institute for coaching and other benefits is Rs. 200/-. Applicants must pay the fee using an online payment method such as a debit card, credit card, or net banking.

7. Now you must finish the remainder of the form by entering all of the required information in order to gain access to Meritnation.

8. You will receive an admit card after completing the registration process. You can take the Aakash Anthe Examination online or offline with the assistance of this card.

You must visit the Aakash Institute in your city and follow their instructions to register for the scholarship exam in the offline way.

Application Process of Akash Anthe 2023 Exam

Please see the section below for detailed information on the Aakash ANTHE 2023 Application Process.

Applicants will be able to fill out their application forms both online and offline.

Applicants who prefer to obtain the form in a paper format must go to the nearest Aakash Institute centre and obtain a printed copy of the form.

Applicants who wish to obtain the form through the internet must first register on the official website.

Applicants will have carefully read the notification and instructions, as well as the eligibility conditions, after registering.

After that, the applicants must enrol and obtain an application form.

Once the application form is open, applicants can begin filling it out with the help of the papers.

Once all of the necessary information has been entered into the form, the applicants must upload some documents.

After that, the applicant must pay the application fee online and print a copy of the payment confirmation receipt created by the system.

Applicants should then submit the completed application form and print it for future reference.

Note: Applicants who completed the form in offline mode must manually fill it out with a black or blue pen without making any mistakes. Such applicants will be required to pay the charge through a nationalised bank.

Application Fee of AKASH ANTHE 2023

The Aakash ANTHE 2023 Application Fee is listed in this section for applicants’ reference.

Application fee Rs 300/-

Mode of payment: Online Mode (debit card/ credit card/ net banking)

Exam Pattern OF Akash ANTHE 2023

The details of the Aakash ANTHE 2023 Exam Pattern are provided in this section for the applicants’ reference.

• Exam duration: 120 minutes 

• Question type: Multiple choice questions with an objective.

• Total number of questions: 90

• Total Marks: 320 (for Junior students) and 360 (for Senior students) (for senior students)

• Negative Marking: There are no negative markings on this page.

• Marking Scheme: Each right answer receives four points.

Syllabus of Aakash ANTHE 2023

The candidate must be certain that he or she understands the entire ANTHE 2023 course. However, the Aakash ANTHE Syllabus 2023 for Classes 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th has been listed in the table below.

ANTHE 7th Class Syllabus 2023

Name of the SubjectSyllabus
PhysicsHeat, Winds, Storms, and Cycles, Motion, and Time
ChemistryFiber to Fabric, Acids, Bases, and Salts, Physical and Chemical Changes
BiologyNutrition in Plants and Animals,
MathematicsIntegers, Fractions and Decimals, Data Handling, Simple Equations, Lines and Angles, Triangles and Properties, Congruence of Triangles, Comparing Quantities
Mental AbilitySeries, Direction Test, Mathematical Operations, Missing Character, Puzzles, Mirror and Water Image

ANTHE 8th Class Syllabus 2023

Check the ANTHE 2023 class 8th syllabus from the table below.

Name of the SubjectSyllabus
PhysicsForce and Pressure Friction Sound Chemical Effects of Electric Current
ChemistrySynthetic Fibers and Plastics Materials: Metals and Non-Metals
BiologyCrop Production and Management Microorganisms: Friend and Foe Conservation of Plants and Animals Cell- Structure and Functions
MathematicsSquares and Square Roots Exponents Quadrilaterals Percentage Linear Equations in One Variable Cubes and Cube Roots Data Handling
Mental AbilityVerbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning: Number and Alphabet Test Series Classification Analogy Direction Test Coding and Decoding Problems based on Figures

ANTHE Syllabus For 9th Class 2023

Check ANTHE 2023 class 9th syllabus from the table below.

Name of the subjectSyllabus
PhysicsMotion Force Laws of Motion Gravitation (Excluding Flotation)
ChemistryMatter in our Surroundings Is Matter Around Us Pure?
BiologyCell: The Fundamental Unit of Life Tissues
MathematicsNumber Systems Factorization of Polynomials Lines and Angles Congruency of Triangles Heron’s Formula
Mental AbilityGeneral Logical Reasoning Analytical Reasoning Figure Matrix Problems based on Figure

ANTHE Syllabus 2023 Class 10

Check ANTHE 2023 class 10th syllabus from the table below.

Name of the SubjectSyllabus
PhysicsGravitation (Flotation only) Work and Energy Sound Light-Reflection and Refraction Electricity Magnetic Effects of Electric Current
ChemistryAtoms and Molecules Structure of the Atom Chemical Reactions and Equations Acids Bases and Salts Metals and Non-Metals
BiologyLife Processes- Nutrition Respiration Transportation Excretion; Control and Coordination in Animals and Plants
MathematicsReal Numbers Polynomials Triangles Mensuration-Circles, Quadrilaterals Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables Quadratic Equations Trigonometric Ratios and Identities
Mental AbilityVerbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning: Series Analogy Classification Coding and Decoding General Logical and Analytical Reasoning Problems based on Figures Data Interpretation.

Syllabus Of ANTHE 2023 For Class 11th

Check ANTHE 2023 class 11th syllabus from the table below.

Name of the SubjectSyllabus
PhysicsPhysical World Units and Measurement Motion in a Straight Line Motion in a Plain Laws of Motion Energy and Power System of Particles and Rotational Motion
ChemistrySome basic concepts of Chemistry Structure of Atom Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure States of Matter Thermodynamics
BotanyCell: The unit of life Cell cycle and cell division The living world Biological Classification Morphology of Flowering Plants
ZoologyStructural Organization in animals Bio-molecules Digestion and Absorption Breathing and Exchange of Gases Body fluids and Circulation Excretory Products and their Elimination Locomotion and Movement

ANTHE Syllabus 2023 For Class 12th

Check ANTHE 2023 class 12th syllabus from the table below.

Name of the SubjectSyllabus
PhysicsElectric Charges and Field Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance Current Electricity Moving Charges and Magnetism Magnetism and Matter Electromagnetic Induction Alternating Current
ChemistryThe Solid State Solution Electrochemistry Chemical Kinetics Surface Chemistry General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements The p Block Elements The d block and f block elements Coordination Compounds
BotanyReproduction in Organisms Sexual Production in Flowering Plants Principles of Inheritance and Variation Molecular Basis of Inheritance Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production Microbes in Human Welfare
ZoologyReproduction in Organism Human Reproduction Reproductive Health Evolution Human Health and Disease Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production Animal Husbandry
Name of the BooksName of the Author
PhysicsH.C Verma
New Pattern ChemistryR.K Gupta
Objective Biology (both Vol 1 and Vol 2)Dinesh
Trueman’s Elementary BiologyArihant
Common Entrance Test Master GuideJ.D Lee

Eligibility Criteria to Apply for Aakash Anthe 2023

The Aakash Anthe Exam 2023 invites students in grades 7 through 12 to apply for a full scholarship and other incentives. Students can fill out the application form regardless of their educational board. No pupils from any category or financial background will be eligible because it is a competitive exam for a scholarship. All students will have the same chance to demonstrate their ability, with the better pupils earning all of the above-mentioned benefits.

How Is Aakash Anthe Helpful?

Now that you’ve learned all about the scholarship exam, you’re probably wondering how it may benefit you. As previously stated, the exam is for students in grades 7 through 12, though students can apply for NEET and JEE after completing 12th grade.

The benefit of this scholarship exam for kids in grades 7 through 12 is that it will instil in them the habit of understanding the topics of the exam, and that too on a full scholarship. This habit will aid pupils in scoring higher on engineering and medical entrance exams.

Aakash University will provide students in class 12 with a full scholarship to prepare for the engineering or medical admission exams. It will assist pupils in achieving their goals without putting pressure on their parents to pay coaching institute fees.

Admit Card of Akash ANTHE 2023

Applicants who wish to learn more about the Aakash ANTHE 2023 Admit Card should look through this part. The official authorities of the exam will provide the Aakash ANTHE 2023 Admit Card in online mode for the applicants’ reference.

As a result, candidates will be able to download the Aakash ANTHE 2023 Admit Card from the official website. Applicants should be aware, however, that the authorities will not send the admission card to them personally or by mail.

As a result, it is solely the responsibility of applicants to go to the official website and download their Aakash ANTHE 2023 Admit Card. All guidelines connected to the admit card must also be reviewed by applicants. The admission card is an important document that must be present at the time of the entrance exam because the applicant will be unable to enter the testing centre without it.

Note: At the time of the exam, bring a valid photo ID and your admitting card.

Results of Aakash ANTHE 2023

The authorities have decided to publish the applicants’ Aakash ANTHE 2023 Results online. As a result, it is evident that applicants will be able to access the Aakash ANTHE 2023 Results on the exam conducting authority’s official website.

One must go to the official website to get the Aakash ANTHE 2023 Results. After viewing the website, the applicant must provide their registration id and password, both of which were generated during registration.

After inputting the information, the applicants must click OK and submit the form. The applicant’s Aakash ANTHE 2023 Results will then be displayed on a new page. Applicants can print out their Aakash ANTHE 2023 Results after downloading them.

ANTHE Selection Process

ANTHE (Aakash National Talent Hunt Exam) is a scholarship exam for the selection of candidates from class 7th to 12th including the class 12th passed students. This examination is conducted so that to hunt for valuable talents and provide them with quality education.

The candidates who pass the examination with the highest score will get a chance to win a trip to NASA with all its expense covered. Also, other good performers in up to 100 positions will receive a cash reward.

Apart from all these, the good scorers also receive a 100% scholarship on Akash’s classroom app. The selection for the ANTHE will be based on the merit list prepared and the All India ranking of the candidates.

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